Saturday, 26 July 2008

Fleamarket finds 2

In Värmland I found some more Snoopy dolls. The first two I bought in Berlin a cuple of years ago, and it sure wasn´t my intention to start a collection. But when they keep finding me at the fleamarkets I visit it´s hard to resist... But the thing is I don´t even know that much about snoopy.
The babuschkas I just love, and so does the children. In Värmland I found two new ones. I also found a really nice bed for Veras doll, but I have to fix a mattress and "pimp" it a little bit, then I´ll show you.
Oh, by the way, if you havn´t noticed: MY ENGLISH SUCKS.


Kitt said...

Um, no, your English is most excellent. Please do not ask me to demonstrate my Swedish skills. I haven't any.

Cute Snoopies!

Veja cecilia said...

You are way tooooo nice Kitt!

Nina said...

I love fleamarkets, I can walk around in hours! I think the babuschkas is hard to find at fleamarkets in denmark..

Maria said...

fina fynd och fin bokhylla!
jag äger inte en enda babuschka, men har alltid gillat dom. borde gå på jakt efter en:)